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Dreyfuss Capital Management

Dreyfuss Capital Management is an Investment Advisor to individual investors and business owners. Dreyfuss Capital Management started out of a vision for the next generation of advisor-client relationship, the firm's focus is primarily on helping our clients reach their True Wealth. True Wealth is defined by the elements of a client’s life that enable happiness, fulfillment, benevolence and legacy. Mapping out a client’s True Wealth gives clarity to the goals that make wealth management relevant and necessary. Clients are taken through a step by step process including risk and goal analysis, financial profiling and planning, and investment selection. Firm specialties are retirement income planning and equity research, analysis and selection. The firm also believes in real estate investment as a part of a balanced investment portfolio. 

 Educational Content

Bond Basics - What is a Bond?

Stock Fundamentals

Webinar 7/20/2023  - Investing in AI

Foresight is a Key Principle in Investing

"A wise one is one with foresight"- Ethics of the Fathers


Full Financial Planning
Bespoke client portfolios
Trust, Estate & wealth management
balanced approach to growth & income
Sustainable Esg Mandate for impact investing
Risk allocation & proven trading strategy


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Dreyfuss Capital Management

988 S Highway 89 

Jackson, WY 83001


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