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Asset Management & Investment Planning


While many of us don’t realize it, we are constantly engaged in subconscious acts of investment planning. We plan how we can best invest the limited time we have at our disposal. Would the 2-hours we have best be spent visiting a friend at the hospital, or would it be better invested, say, by taking in that ball game? We do some longer-term planning too: Does it pay to invest the effort studying for a degree in Arts, or would we get a better return studying to pass the Bar exam? So, why don’t we invest the time planning our investments?

Impact Investing

It’s been said: What you sow, so shall you reap! When it comes to enjoying the fruits of your investment, truer words were never spoken. Many investors don't quite understand what they are invested in due to the proliferation of mutual and index funds. Surveys have shown that investors want to understand the impact their investments make on the social and environmental fabric of society. Wouldn't you want to invest in portfolios that grow your wealth and also benefit the world?

What We Can Do For You

Our Asset Management service is based on these simple truths. Creating and preserving wealth needs diversification and foresight!

The traditional S&P 500 Index is size weighted. This means that an investor purchasing a S&P 500 index fund will have over 20% of their assets invested in the top 5 tech stocks. They will also have over 50% of their assets invested in the top 50 companies in the index. Also by investing in most index funds, you miss out on the next generation of companies! When Facebook and Salesforce debuted on the markets, index investors had no exposure to their seismic growth until they got so large they were included in the major indices.


Dreyfuss Capital Management doesn't believe this is called a diversified portfolio. We also don't believe in giving you every stock under the sun like most mutual funds. We believe investors want to know what is in their portfolios and the impact their investments make. Owning your average "dividend focused" mutual fund likely exposes you to tobacco and oil industries. We want our investors to be passionate about the investments they make and have choice in the companies they support.  

Here’s a preview of what our Asset Management & Investment Planning service covers:

  • Understanding your financial goals: Through an intense yet structured True Wealth process, we’ll understand what your financial goals are, and we’ll help you prioritize some of the most pressing short, medium and long-term financial objectives you’d like to accomplish. We do this by analyzing your true goals and how you want to apply your wealth.

  • Analyze a point-in-time snapshot: The next step is to analyze where you are today, in terms of your savings and current investment portfolio. Part of this is understanding your risk tolerance through our Riskalyze analysis, and then analyzing how your investments match with that tolerance. Next we take a deep dive on your investments, looking at your total portfolio from a macro and micro view. Sometimes, this phase of our review results in actionable steps that can immediately benefit you – like cutting your losses in a sinking investment, or leveraging some profit-harvesting and tax-selling opportunities in highly successful ones.

  • Proposing an investment strategy: With that information in hand, we can draw-up a bespoke portfolio that will help you reach your financial objectives. This is accomplished by building a portfolio of investments that are both aligned with your personal financial goals or your risk tolerance.

  • Implementing the plan: Our Investment Planning approach is dynamic, and constantly evolves with your changing circumstances. We’ll guide and advise you on investment plan transitions as you go through life and life-style changes.

  • Watching over your investments: We’ll monitor and review your investments, plans and strategies in light of changing investment climates.

  • Consult, advise and counsel: Ours is an ongoing partnership. Throughout our relationship with you, we’ll keep you informed, and communicate constantly with you about proposed changes and potential risks or opportunities for your investments.

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