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Did you know over 50% of financial advisors outsource their portfolio management to third-party investors and mutual funds/ETFs?


Dreyfuss Capital Management generates bespoke actively managed portfolios for our clients. We seek to keep our clients informed on their investments by investing in companies and businesses that are making the world a better and easier place to live in. Our clients are risk allocated to their comfort zones, and by investing directly in companies, clients know exactly what they are invested in. We focus our portfolios for growth-focused investors in three main areas. Our Core segment features large to mega cap companies that have a dominant share of their market and allow people access to technology, good and services. Our Value segment seeks balance by investing in companies that have strong recessionary moats. These are typically goods and services that are needed regardless of market conditions. Our Disruptive Growth segment features disruptive companies in the technology, healthcare and energy sectors. By utilizing our proprietary trading system, we can hedge clients against the downside risk of high flying tech companies. Our strategy is active in its approach and balances both buy and hold strategies with active swing trading to accomplish ultimate alpha.

For retired and income-focused clients, our income strategy aligns our sustainable growth mandate with income focused investors. Value traps and heavy exposure to fossil fuels will lead the current income fund landscape to abysmal returns for the objective of achieving yield. Dreyfuss Wealth Management believes this is not sustainable. The alternative of buying fixed income exclusively doesn't offer much refuge. The risk reward premium of fixed income at present yields makes areas of fixed income riskier than many technology stocks. We believe that there is a way to achieve yield without compromising on sustainability. We believe that a balance can be found between stability and growth for the purpose of generating sustainable income, and also achieving ultimate alpha.

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